Networking metrics are viewable in dashboards within the OpenShift Container Platform web console, under ObserveDashboards.

Network Observability Operator

If you have the Network Observability Operator installed, you can view network traffic metrics dashboards by selecting the Netobserv dashboard from the Dashboards drop-down list. For more information about metrics available in this Dashboard, see Network Observability metrics dashboards.

Networking and OVN-Kubernetes dashboard

You can view both general networking metrics as well as OVN-Kubernetes metrics from the dashboard.

To view general networking metrics, select Networking/Linux Subsystem Stats from the Dashboards drop-down list. You can view the following networking metrics from the dashboard: Network Utilisation, Network Saturation, and Network Errors.

To view OVN-Kubernetes metrics select Networking/Infrastructure from the Dashboards drop-down list. You can view the following OVN-Kuberenetes metrics: Networking Configuration, TCP Latency Probes, Control Plane Resources, and Worker Resources.

Ingress Operator dashboard

You can view networking metrics handled by the Ingress Operator from the dashboard. This includes metrics like the following:

  • Incoming and outgoing bandwidth

  • HTTP error rates

  • HTTP server response latency

To view these Ingress metrics, select Networking/Ingress from the Dashboards drop-down list. You can view Ingress metrics for the following categories: Top 10 Per Route, Top 10 Per Namespace, and Top 10 Per Shard.