As a user with the admin role, you can view a network policy for a namespace.

Example NetworkPolicy object

The following annotates an example NetworkPolicy object:

kind: NetworkPolicy
apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
  name: allow-27107 (1)
  podSelector: (2)
      app: mongodb
  - from:
    - podSelector: (3)
          app: app
    ports: (4)
    - protocol: TCP
      port: 27017
1 The name of the NetworkPolicy object.
2 A selector that describes the pods to which the policy applies. The policy object can only select pods in the project that defines the NetworkPolicy object.
3 A selector that matches the pods from which the policy object allows ingress traffic. The selector matches pods in the same namespace as the NetworkPolicy.
4 A list of one or more destination ports on which to accept traffic.

Viewing network policies using the CLI

You can examine the network policies in a namespace.

If you log in with a user with the cluster-admin role, then you can view any network policy in the cluster.

  • You installed the OpenShift CLI (oc).

  • You are logged in to the cluster with a user with admin privileges.

  • You are working in the namespace where the network policy exists.

  • List network policies in a namespace:

    • To view network policy objects defined in a namespace, enter the following command:

      $ oc get networkpolicy
    • Optional: To examine a specific network policy, enter the following command:

      $ oc describe networkpolicy <policy_name> -n <namespace>



      Specifies the name of the network policy to inspect.


      Optional: Specifies the namespace if the object is defined in a different namespace than the current namespace.

      For example:

      $ oc describe networkpolicy allow-same-namespace
      Output for oc describe command
      Name:         allow-same-namespace
      Namespace:    ns1
      Created on:   2021-05-24 22:28:56 -0400 EDT
      Labels:       <none>
      Annotations:  <none>
        PodSelector:     <none> (Allowing the specific traffic to all pods in this namespace)
        Allowing ingress traffic:
          To Port: <any> (traffic allowed to all ports)
            PodSelector: <none>
        Not affecting egress traffic
        Policy Types: Ingress

If you log in to the web console with cluster-admin privileges, you have a choice of viewing a network policy in any namespace in the cluster directly in YAML or from a form in the web console.