As a user with the admin role, you can delete a network policy from a namespace.

Deleting a network policy using the CLI

You can delete a network policy in a namespace.

If you log in with a user with the cluster-admin role, then you can delete any network policy in the cluster.

  • Your cluster uses a network plugin that supports NetworkPolicy objects, such as the OVN-Kubernetes network plugin or the OpenShift SDN network plugin with mode: NetworkPolicy set. This mode is the default for OpenShift SDN.

  • You installed the OpenShift CLI (oc).

  • You are logged in to the cluster with a user with admin privileges.

  • You are working in the namespace where the network policy exists.

  • To delete a network policy object, enter the following command:

    $ oc delete networkpolicy <policy_name> -n <namespace>



    Specifies the name of the network policy.


    Optional: Specifies the namespace if the object is defined in a different namespace than the current namespace.

    Example output
    networkpolicy.networking.k8s.io/default-deny deleted

If you log in to the web console with cluster-admin privileges, you have a choice of deleting a network policy in any namespace in the cluster directly in YAML or from the policy in the web console through the Actions menu.