The Kube Descheduler Operator allows you to evict pods so that they can be rescheduled on more appropriate nodes.

These release notes track the development of the Kube Descheduler Operator.

For more information, see About the descheduler.

Release notes for Kube Descheduler Operator 5.0.0

Issued: 2024-03-06

The following advisory is available for the Kube Descheduler Operator 5.0.0:

Notable changes

  • With this release, the Kube Descheduler Operator delivers updates independent of the OpenShift Container Platform minor version release stream.

  • With this release, the Kube Descheduler Operator is no longer supported on OpenShift Kubernetes Engine.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, the descheduler pod logs showed the following warning about the Operator’s version: failed to convert Descheduler minor version to float. With this update, the warning is no longer shown. (OCPBUGS-14042)