Using the Octavia OVN load balancer provider driver with Kuryr SDN

If your OpenShift Container Platform cluster uses Kuryr and was installed on a Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 13 cloud that was later upgraded to RHOSP 16, you can configure it to use the Octavia OVN provider driver.

Kuryr replaces existing load balancers after you change provider drivers. This process results in some downtime.

  • Install the RHOSP CLI, openstack.

  • Install the OpenShift Container Platform CLI, oc.

  • Verify that the Octavia OVN driver on RHOSP is enabled.

    To view a list of available Octavia drivers, on a command line, enter openstack loadbalancer provider list.

    The ovn driver is displayed in the command’s output.


To change from the Octavia Amphora provider driver to Octavia OVN:

  1. Open the kuryr-config ConfigMap. On a command line, enter:

    $ oc -n openshift-kuryr edit cm kuryr-config
  2. In the ConfigMap, delete the line that contains kuryr-octavia-provider: default. For example:

    kind: ConfigMap
      annotations: default (1)
    1 Delete this line. The cluster will regenerate it with ovn as the value.

    Wait for the Cluster Network Operator to detect the modification and to redeploy the kuryr-controller and kuryr-cni pods. This process might take several minutes.

  3. Verify that the kuryr-config ConfigMap annotation is present with ovn as its value. On a command line, enter:

    $ oc -n openshift-kuryr edit cm kuryr-config

    The ovn provider value is displayed in the output:

    kind: ConfigMap
      annotations: ovn
  4. Verify that RHOSP recreated its load balancers.

    1. On a command line, enter:

      $ openstack loadbalancer list | grep amphora

      A single Amphora load balancer is displayed. For example:

      a4db683b-2b7b-4988-a582-c39daaad7981 | ostest-7mbj6-kuryr-api-loadbalancer  | 84c99c906edd475ba19478a9a6690efd |     | ACTIVE              | amphora
    2. Search for ovn load balancers by entering:

      $ openstack loadbalancer list | grep ovn

      The remaining load balancers of the ovn type are displayed. For example:

      2dffe783-98ae-4048-98d0-32aa684664cc | openshift-apiserver-operator/metrics | 84c99c906edd475ba19478a9a6690efd | | ACTIVE              | ovn
      0b1b2193-251f-4243-af39-2f99b29d18c5 | openshift-etcd/etcd                  | 84c99c906edd475ba19478a9a6690efd | | ACTIVE              | ovn
      f05b07fc-01b7-4673-bd4d-adaa4391458e | openshift-dns-operator/metrics       | 84c99c906edd475ba19478a9a6690efd |  | ACTIVE              | ovn