Cost management is an OpenShift Container Platform service that enables you to better understand and track costs for clouds and containers. It is based on the open source Koku project.


Using labels for cost management queries

Labels, also known as tags in cost management, can be applied for nodes, namespaces or pods. Each label is a key and value pair. You can use a combination of multiple labels to generate reports. You can access reports about costs by using the Red Hat hybrid console.

Labels are inherited from nodes to namespaces, and from namespaces to pods. However, labels are not overridden if they already exist on a resource. For example, Knative services have a default app=<revision_name> label:

Example Knative service default label
apiVersion: serving.knative.dev/v1
kind: Service
  name: example-service
        app: <revision_name>

If you define a label for a namespace, such as app=my-domain, the cost management service does not take into account costs coming from a Knative service with the tag app=<revision_name> when querying the application using the app=my-domain tag. Costs for Knative services that have this tag must be queried under the app=<revision_name> tag.