You can use the Operator SDK to package Operators using the Bundle Format.

Building a bundle image

You can build, push, and validate an Operator bundle image using the Operator SDK.

  • Operator SDK version 0.19.4

  • podman version 1.9.3+

  • An Operator project generated using the Operator SDK

  • Access to a registry that supports Docker v2-2

  1. From your Operator project directory, build the bundle image using the Operator SDK:

    $ operator-sdk bundle create \
        <registry>/<namespace>/<bundle_image_name>:<tag> \(1)
        -b podman (2)
    1 The image tag that you want the bundle image to have.
    2 The CLI tool to use for building the container image, either docker (default), podman, or buildah. This example uses podman.

    If your local manifests are not located in the default <project_root>/deploy/olm-catalog/<bundle_name>/manifests, specify the location with the --directory flag.

  2. Log in to the registry where you want to push the bundle image. For example:

    $ podman login <registry>
  3. Push the bundle image to the registry:

    $ podman push <registry>/<namespace>/<bundle_image_name>:<tag>
  4. Validate the bundle image in the remote registry:

    $ operator-sdk bundle validate \
        <registry>/<namespace>/<bundle_image_name>:<tag> \
        -b podman
    Example output
    INFO[0000] Unpacked image layers                                 bundle-dir=/tmp/bundle-041168359 container-tool=podman
    INFO[0000] running podman pull                                   bundle-dir=/tmp/bundle-041168359 container-tool=podman
    INFO[0002] running podman save                                   bundle-dir=/tmp/bundle-041168359 container-tool=podman
    INFO[0002] All validation tests have completed successfully      bundle-dir=/tmp/bundle-041168359 container-tool=podman

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