Notable changes and improvements in odo

Getting support

For Documentation

If you find an error or have suggestions for improving the documentation, file an issue in Bugzilla. Choose the OpenShift Container Platform product type and the Documentation component type.

For Product

If you find an error, encounter a bug, or have suggestions for improving the functionality of odo, file an issue in Bugzilla. Choose the Red Hat odo for OpenShift Container Platform product type.

Provide as many details in the issue description as possible.

Known issues

  • Bug 1760574 A deleted namespace is listed in the odo project get command.

  • Bug 1760586 The odo delete command starts an infinite loop after a project is deleted and a component name is set.

  • Bug 1760588 The odo service create command crashes when run in Cygwin.

  • Bug 1760590 In Git BASH for Windows, the odo login -u developer command does not hide a typed password when requested.

  • Bug 1783188 In a disconnected cluster, the odo component create command throws an error …​tag not found…​ despite the component being listed in the catalog list.

  • Bug 1761440 It is not possible to create two Services of the same type in one project.

  • Bug 1821643 odo push does not work on the .NET component tag 2.1+.

    Workaround: specify your .NET project file by running:

    $ odo config set --env DOTNET_STARTUP_PROJECT=<path to your project file>