If you do not want to switch to the Developer perspective in the OpenShift Container Platform web console or use the Knative (kn) CLI or YAML files, you can create Knative components by using the Administator perspective of the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

Creating serverless applications using the Administrator perspective

Serverless applications are created and deployed as Kubernetes services, defined by a route and a configuration, and contained in a YAML file. To deploy a serverless application using OpenShift Serverless, you must create a Knative Service object.

Example Knative Service object YAML file
apiVersion: serving.knative.dev/v1
kind: Service
  name: hello (1)
  namespace: default (2)
        - image: docker.io/openshift/hello-openshift (3)
            - name: RESPONSE (4)
              value: "Hello Serverless!"
1 The name of the application.
2 The namespace the application uses.
3 The image of the application.
4 The environment variable printed out by the sample application.

After the service is created and the application is deployed, Knative creates an immutable revision for this version of the application. Knative also performs network programming to create a route, ingress, service, and load balancer for your application and automatically scales your pods up and down based on traffic.


To create serverless applications using the Administrator perspective, ensure that you have completed the following steps.

  • The OpenShift Serverless Operator and Knative Serving are installed.

  • You have logged in to the web console and are in the Administrator perspective.

  1. Navigate to the ServerlessServing page.

  2. In the Create list, select Service.

  3. Manually enter YAML or JSON definitions, or by dragging and dropping a file into the editor.

  4. Click Create.

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