As a cluster administrator you can modify the configuration for an existing additional network.

Modifying an additional network attachment definition

As a cluster administrator, you can make changes to an existing additional network. Any existing pods attached to the additional network will not be updated.

  • You have configured an additional network for your cluster.

  • Install the OpenShift CLI (oc).

  • Log in as a user with cluster-admin privileges.


To edit an additional network for your cluster, complete the following steps:

  1. Run the following command to edit the Cluster Network Operator (CNO) CR in your default text editor:

    $ oc edit networks.operator.openshift.io cluster
  2. In the additionalNetworks collection, update the additional network with your changes.

  3. Save your changes and quit the text editor to commit your changes.

  4. Optional: Confirm that the CNO updated the NetworkAttachmentDefinition object by running the following command. Replace <network-name> with the name of the additional network to display. There might be a delay before the CNO updates the NetworkAttachmentDefinition object to reflect your changes.

    $ oc get network-attachment-definitions <network-name> -o yaml

    For example, the following console output displays a NetworkAttachmentDefinition object that is named net1:

    $ oc get network-attachment-definitions net1 -o go-template='{{printf "%s\n" .spec.config}}'
    { "cniVersion": "0.3.1", "type": "macvlan",
    "master": "ens5",
    "mode": "bridge",
    "ipam":       {"type":"static","routes":[{"dst":"","gw":""}],"addresses":[{"address":"","gateway":""}],"dns":{"nameservers":[""],"domain":"us-west-2.compute.internal","search":["us-west-2.compute.internal"]}} }