As a cluster administrator, you can configure the OVN-Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI) cluster network provider to allow Linux and Windows nodes to host Linux and Windows workloads, respectively.

Configuring hybrid networking with OVN-Kubernetes

You can configure your cluster to use hybrid networking with OVN-Kubernetes. This allows a hybrid cluster that supports different node networking configurations. For example, this is necessary to run both Linux and Windows nodes in a cluster.

You must configure hybrid networking with OVN-Kubernetes during the installation of your cluster. You cannot switch to hybrid networking after the installation process.

  • You defined OVNKubernetes for the networking.networkType parameter in the install-config.yaml file. See the installation documentation for configuring OpenShift Container Platform network customizations on your chosen cloud provider for more information.

  1. Create the manifests from the directory that contains the installation program:

    $ ./openshift-install create manifests --dir=<installation_directory> (1)
    1 For <installation_directory>, specify the name of the directory that contains the install-config.yaml file for your cluster.
  2. Create a file that is named cluster-network-03-config.yml in the <installation_directory>/manifests/ directory:

    $ touch <installation_directory>/manifests/cluster-network-03-config.yml (1)
    1 For <installation_directory>, specify the directory name that contains the manifests/ directory for your cluster.

    After creating the file, several network configuration files are in the manifests/ directory, as shown:

    $ ls -1 <installation_directory>/manifests/cluster-network-*
    Example output
  3. Open the cluster-network-03-config.yml file and configure OVN-Kubernetes with hybrid networking. For example:

    kind: Network
      creationTimestamp: null
      name: cluster
    spec: (1)
      clusterNetwork: (2)
      - cidr:
        hostPrefix: 23
        policy: {}
        type: OVNKubernetes (3)
            hybridClusterNetwork: (4)
            - cidr:
              hostPrefix: 23
    status: {}
    1 The parameters for the spec parameter are only an example. Specify your configuration for the Cluster Network Operator in the custom resource.
    2 Specify the CIDR configuration used when adding nodes.
    3 Specify OVNKubernetes as the Container Network Interface (CNI) cluster network provider.
    4 Specify the CIDR configuration used for nodes on the additional overlay network. The hybridClusterNetwork CIDR cannot overlap with the clusterNetwork CIDR.
  4. Optional: Back up the <installation_directory>/manifests/cluster-network-03-config.yml file. The installation program deletes the manifests/ directory when creating the cluster.

Complete any further installation configurations, and then create your cluster. Hybrid networking is enabled when the installation process is finished.