Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) with hosted control planes (HCP) offers a reduced-cost solution to create a managed ROSA cluster with a focus on efficiency. You can quickly create a new cluster and deploy applications in minutes.

Key features of ROSA with HCP

  • ROSA with HCP requires a minimum of only two nodes, making it ideal for smaller projects while still being able to scale to support larger projects and enterprises.

  • The underlying control plane infrastructure is fully managed. Control plane components, such as the API server and etcd database, are hosted in a Red Hat-owned AWS account.

  • Provisioning time is approximately 10 minutes.

  • Customers can upgrade the control plane and machine pools separately, which means they do not have to shut down the entire cluster during upgrades.

Getting started with ROSA with HCP

Use the following sections to find content to help you learn about and use ROSA with HCP.


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Architecture overview

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