Delete a Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) cluster using the rosa command-line.

AWS Security Token Service (STS) is the recommended credential mode for installing and interacting with clusters on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) because it provides enhanced security.


  • If Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS created a VPC, you must remove the following items from your cluster before you can successfully delete your cluster:

    • Network configurations, such as VPN configurations and VPC peering connections

    • Any additional services that were added to the VPC

If these configurations and services remain, the cluster does not delete properly.

Deleting a ROSA cluster

You can delete a Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) cluster using the ROSA CLI (rosa).

If the cluster that created the VPC during the installation is deleted, the associated installation program-created VPC will also be deleted, resulting in the failure of all the clusters that are using the same VPC. Additionally, any resources created with the same tagSet key-value pair of the resources created by the installation program and labeled with a value of owned will also be deleted.

  • You have installed a ROSA cluster.

  • You have installed and configured the latest ROSA CLI (rosa) on your installation host.

  1. Enter the following command to delete a cluster and watch the logs, replacing <cluster_name> with the name or ID of your cluster:

    $ rosa delete cluster --cluster=<cluster_name> --watch
  2. To clean up your CloudFormation stack, enter the following command:

    $ rosa init --delete
  • If the cluster cannot be deleted because of missing IAM roles, see Additional Repairing a cluster that cannot be deleted.

  • If the cluster cannot be deleted for other reasons:

    • Check that there are no Add-ons for your cluster pending in the Hybrid Cloud Console.

    • Check that all AWS resources and dependencies have been deleted in the Amazon Web Console.