In Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, Red Hat Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) manages the registry for you. However, you can check the status of the registry pods and view the registry logs.

Checking the status of the registry pods

As an administrator with the dedicated-admin role, you can list the image registry pods running in the openshift-image-registry project and check their status.

  • You have access to the cluster as a user with the dedicated-admin role.

  • List the pods in the openshift-image-registry project and view their status:

    $ oc get pods -n openshift-image-registry
    Example output
    cluster-image-registry-operator-764bd7f846-qqtpb 1/1 Running 0 78m
    image-registry-79fb4469f6-llrln 1/1 Running 0 77m
    node-ca-hjksc 1/1 Running 0 73m
    node-ca-tftj6 1/1 Running 0 77m
    node-ca-wb6ht 1/1 Running 0 77m
    node-ca-zvt9q 1/1 Running 0 74m

Viewing registry logs

You can view the logs for the registry by using the oc logs command.

  • Use the oc logs command with deployments to view the logs for the container image registry:

    $ oc logs deployments/image-registry -n openshift-image-registry
    Example output
    2015-05-01T19:48:36.300593110Z time="2015-05-01T19:48:36Z" level=info msg="version=v2.0.0+unknown"
    2015-05-01T19:48:36.303294724Z time="2015-05-01T19:48:36Z" level=info msg="redis not configured" instance.id=9ed6c43d-23ee-453f-9a4b-031fea646002
    2015-05-01T19:48:36.303422845Z time="2015-05-01T19:48:36Z" level=info msg="using inmemory layerinfo cache" instance.id=9ed6c43d-23ee-453f-9a4b-031fea646002
    2015-05-01T19:48:36.303433991Z time="2015-05-01T19:48:36Z" level=info msg="Using OpenShift Auth handler"
    2015-05-01T19:48:36.303439084Z time="2015-05-01T19:48:36Z" level=info msg="listening on :5000" instance.id=9ed6c43d-23ee-453f-9a4b-031fea646002