The Insights Operator periodically gathers configuration and component failure status and, by default, reports that data every two hours to Red Hat. This information enables Red Hat to assess configuration and deeper failure data than is reported through Telemetry. Users of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS can display the report in the Insights Advisor service on Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.

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Understanding Insights Operator alerts

The Insights Operator declares alerts through the Prometheus monitoring system to the Alertmanager. You can view these alerts in the Alerting UI in the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS web console by using one of the following methods:

  • In the Administrator perspective, click ObserveAlerting.

  • In the Developer perspective, click Observe → <project_name> → Alerts tab.

Currently, Insights Operator sends the following alerts when the conditions are met:

Table 1. Insights Operator alerts
Alert Description


Insights Operator is disabled.


Simple content access is not enabled in Red Hat Subscription Management.


Insights has an active recommendation for the cluster.