Understanding the state of the system in Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) is important for making decisions about and debugging problems with installed Operators. OLM provides insight into Subscriptions and related Catalog Source resources regarding their state and actions performed. This helps users better understand the healthiness of their Operators.

Condition types

Subscriptions can report the following condition types:

Table 1. Subscription condition types
Condition Description


Some or all of the Catalog Sources to be used in resolution are unhealthy.


A Subscription’s InstallPlan is missing.


A Subscription’s InstallPlan is pending installation.


A Subscription’s InstallPlan has failed.

Viewing Operator status using the CLI

You can view Operator status using the CLI.

  1. Use the oc describe command to inspect the Subscription resource:

    $ oc describe sub <subscription_name>
  2. In the command output, find the Conditions section:

       Last Transition Time:  2019-07-29T13:42:57Z
       Message:               all available catalogsources are healthy
       Reason:                AllCatalogSourcesHealthy
       Status:                False
       Type:                  CatalogSourcesUnhealthy