The Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) controls the installation, upgrade, and role-based access control (RBAC) of Operators in a cluster. The OLM runs by default in OpenShift Container Platform. The OLM queries for available Operators as well as upgrades for installed Operators. For more information about how OpenShift Container Platform handled upgrades, refer to the Operator Lifecycle Manager documentation.

The update approach used by the Jaeger Operator upgrades the managed Jaeger instances to the version associated with the Operator. Whenever a new version of the Jaeger Operator is installed, all the Jaeger application instances managed by the Operator will be upgraded to the Operator’s version. For example, if version 1.10 is installed (both Operator and backend components) and the Operator is upgraded to version 1.11, then as soon as the Operator upgrade has completed, the Operator will scan for running Jaeger instances and upgrade them to 1.11 as well.