As a cluster administrator, you can modify the new project template to automatically include network policies when you create a new project. If you do not yet have a customized template for new projects, you must first create one.

Modifying the template for new projects

As a cluster administrator, you can modify the default project template so that new projects are created using your custom requirements.

To create your own custom project template:

  1. Log in as a user with cluster-admin privileges.

  2. Generate the default project template:

    $ oc adm create-bootstrap-project-template -o yaml > template.yaml
  3. Use a text editor to modify the generated template.yaml file by adding objects or modifying existing objects.

  4. The project template must be created in the openshift-config namespace. Load your modified template:

    $ oc create -f template.yaml -n openshift-config
  5. Edit the project configuration resource using the web console or CLI.

    • Using the web console:

      1. Navigate to the AdministrationCluster Settings page.

      2. Click Global Configuration to view all configuration resources.

      3. Find the entry for Project and click Edit YAML.

    • Using the CLI:

      1. Edit the project.config.openshift.io/cluster resource:

        $ oc edit project.config.openshift.io/cluster
  6. Update the spec section to include the projectRequestTemplate and name parameters, and set the name of your uploaded project template. The default name is project-request.

    Project configuration resource with custom project template
    apiVersion: config.openshift.io/v1
    kind: Project
        name: <template_name>
  7. After you save your changes, create a new project to verify that your changes were successfully applied.

Adding network policies to the new project template

As a cluster administrator, you can add network policies to the default template for new projects. OpenShift Container Platform will automatically create all the NetworkPolicy objects specified in the template in the project.

  • Your cluster is using a default CNI network provider that supports NetworkPolicy objects, such as the OpenShift SDN network provider with mode: NetworkPolicy set. This mode is the default for OpenShift SDN.

  • You installed the OpenShift CLI (oc).

  • You must log in to the cluster with a user with cluster-admin privileges.

  • You must have created a custom default project template for new projects.

  1. Edit the default template for a new project by running the following command:

    $ oc edit template <project_template> -n openshift-config

    Replace <project_template> with the name of the default template that you configured for your cluster. The default template name is project-request.

  2. In the template, add each NetworkPolicy object as an element to the objects parameter. The objects parameter accepts a collection of one or more objects.

    In the following example, the objects parameter collection includes several NetworkPolicy objects:

    - apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
      kind: NetworkPolicy
        name: allow-from-same-namespace
        - from:
          - podSelector: {}
    - apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
      kind: NetworkPolicy
        name: allow-from-openshift-ingress
        - from:
          - namespaceSelector:
                network.openshift.io/policy-group: ingress
        podSelector: {}
        - Ingress
  3. Optional: Create a new project to confirm that your network policy objects are created successfully by running the following commands:

    1. Create a new project:

      $ oc new-project <project> (1)
      1 Replace <project> with the name for the project you are creating.
    2. Confirm that the network policy objects in the new project template exist in the new project:

      $ oc get networkpolicy
      NAME                           POD-SELECTOR   AGE
      allow-from-openshift-ingress   <none>         7s
      allow-from-same-namespace      <none>         7s