The QEMU guest agent is a daemon that runs on the virtual machine. The agent passes network information on the virtual machine, notably the IP address of additional networks, to the host.

Installing QEMU guest agent on a Linux virtual machine

The qemu-guest-agent is widely available and available by default in Red Hat virtual machines. Install the agent and start the service

  1. Access the virtual machine command line through one of the consoles or by SSH.

  2. Install the QEMU guest agent on the virtual machine:

    $ yum install -y qemu-guest-agent
  3. Start the QEMU guest agent service:

    $ systemctl start qemu-guest-agent
  4. Ensure the service is persistent:

    $ systemctl enable qemu-guest-agent

You can also install and start the QEMU guest agent using the cloud-init:*Use custom script* field of the wizard when creating either virtual machines or virtual machines templates in the web console.

For Windows virtual machines, the QEMU guest agent is included in the VirtIO drivers, which can be installed on an existing Windows virtual machine or during the installation of Windows on the virtual machine.