This section describes configuration that is performed in the CRD or in the CR file.

  • Access to an OpenShift Container Platform cluster with cluster-admin user privileges.

  • Elasticsearch operator has been installed on the cluster

  • Jaeger operator has been installed on the cluster.

Configuring the Elasticsearch index cleaner job

When the Service Mesh Operator creates the ServiceMeshControlPlane it also creates the custom resource (CR) for Jaeger. The Jaeger operator then uses this CR when creating Jaeger instances.

When using Elasticsearch storage, by default a job is created to clean old traces from it. To configure the options for this job, you edit the Jaeger custom resource (CR), to customize it for your use case. The relevant options are listed below.

  apiVersion: jaegertracing.io/v1
  kind: Jaeger
    strategy: production
      type: elasticsearch
        enabled: false
        numberOfDays: 7
        schedule: "55 23 * * *"
Table 1. Elasticsearch index cleaner parameters
Parameter Values Description


true/ false

Enable or disable the index cleaner job.


integer value

Number of days to wait before deleting an index.


"55 23 * * *"

Cron expression for the job to run