As a cluster administrator you can remove an additional network attachment.

Removing an additional network attachment definition

As a cluster administrator, you can remove an additional network from your OpenShift Container Platform cluster. The additional network is not removed from any Pods it is attached to.

In OpenShift Container Platform 4.2.0 you must manually delete the additional network CR after removing it from the Cluster Network Operator configuration. This will be fixed in a future release. For more information, see BZ#1755908.

  • Install the OpenShift Command-line Interface (CLI), commonly known as oc.

  • Log in as a user with cluster-admin privileges.


To remove an additional network from your cluster, complete the following steps:

  1. Edit the Cluster Network Operator (CNO) in your default text editor by running the following command:

    $ oc edit networks.operator.openshift.io cluster
  2. Modify the CR by removing the configuration from the additionalNetworks collection for the network attachment definition you are removing.

    apiVersion: operator.openshift.io/v1
    kind: Network
      name: cluster
      additionalNetworks: [] (1)
    1 If you are removing the configuration mapping for the only additional network attachment definition in the additionalNetworks collection, you must specify an empty collection.
  3. Save your changes and quit the text editor to commit your changes.

  4. Delete the NetworkAttachmentDefinition CR for the additional network by running the following command. Replace <name> with the name of the additional network to remove.

    $ oc delete network-attachment-definition <name>
  5. Optional: Confirm that the additional network CR was deleted by running the following command:

    $ oc get network-attachment-definition --all-namespaces