You can install the web terminal by using the Web Terminal Operator listed in the OpenShift Container Platform OperatorHub. When you install the Web Terminal Operator, the custom resource definitions (CRDs) that are required for the command line configuration, such as the DevWorkspace CRD, are automatically installed. The web console creates the required resources when you open the web terminal.


  • You are logged into the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

  • You have cluster administrator permissions.


  1. In the Administrator perspective of the web console, navigate to Operators → OperatorHub.

  2. Use the Filter by keyword box to search for the Web Terminal Operator in the catalog, and then click the Web Terminal tile.

  3. Read the brief description about the Operator on the Web Terminal page, and then click Install.

  4. On the Install Operator page, retain the default values for all fields.

    • The fast option in the Update Channel menu enables installation of the latest release of the Web Terminal Operator.

    • The All namespaces on the cluster option in the Installation Mode menu enables the Operator to watch and be available to all namespaces in the cluster.

    • The openshift-operators option in the Installed Namespace menu installs the Operator in the default openshift-operators namespace.

    • The Automatic option in the Approval Strategy menu ensures that the future upgrades to the Operator are handled automatically by the Operator Lifecycle Manager.

  5. Click Install.

  6. In the Installed Operators page, click the View Operator to verify that the Operator is listed on the Installed Operators page.

    The Web Terminal Operator installs the DevWorkspace Operator as a dependency.

  7. After the Operator is installed, refresh your page to see the command line terminal icon (odc wto icon) in the masthead of the console.