As a cluster administrator, you can list the names of any existing egress firewalls and view the traffic rules for a specific egress firewall.

Viewing an EgressFirewall object

You can view an EgressFirewall object in your cluster.

  • A cluster using the OVN-Kubernetes network plugin.

  • Install the OpenShift Command-line Interface (CLI), commonly known as oc.

  • You must log in to the cluster.

  1. Optional: To view the names of the EgressFirewall objects defined in your cluster, enter the following command:

    $ oc get egressfirewall --all-namespaces
  2. To inspect a policy, enter the following command. Replace <policy_name> with the name of the policy to inspect.

    $ oc describe egressfirewall <policy_name>
    Example output
    Name:		default
    Namespace:	project1
    Created:	20 minutes ago
    Labels:		<none>
    Annotations:	<none>
    Rule:		Allow to
    Rule:		Allow to www.example.com
    Rule:		Deny to