After uninstalling the OpenShift Serverless, the Operator and API custom resource definitions (CRDs) remain on the cluster. You can use the following procedure to remove the remaining CRDs.

Removing the Operator and API CRDs also removes all resources that were defined by using them, including Knative services.

Removing OpenShift Serverless Operator and API CRDs

Delete the Operator and API CRDs using the following procedure.

  • Install the OpenShift CLI (oc).

  • You have cluster administrator permissions on OpenShift Container Platform, or you have cluster or dedicated administrator permissions on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS or OpenShift Dedicated.

  • You have uninstalled Knative Serving and removed the OpenShift Serverless Operator.

  • To delete the remaining OpenShift Serverless CRDs, enter the following command:

    $ oc get crd -oname | grep 'knative.dev' | xargs oc delete