You can customize the domain for your Knative service by mapping a custom domain name that you own to a Knative service. You can use the Developer perspective of the OpenShift Container Platform web console to map a DomainMapping custom resource (CR) to a Knative service.

Mapping a custom domain to a service by using the Developer perspective

  • You have logged in to the web console.

  • You are in the Developer perspective.

  • The OpenShift Serverless Operator and Knative Serving are installed on your cluster. This must be completed by a cluster administrator.

  • You have created a project or have access to a project with the appropriate roles and permissions to create applications and other workloads in OpenShift Container Platform.

  • You have created a Knative service and control a custom domain that you want to map to that service.

    Your custom domain must point to the IP address of the OpenShift Container Platform cluster.

  1. Navigate to the Topology page.

  2. Right-click the service you want to map to a domain, and select the Edit option that contains the service name. For example, if the service is named showcase, select the Edit showcase option.

  3. In the Advanced options section, click Show advanced Routing options.

    1. If the domain mapping CR that you want to map to the service already exists, you can select it in the Domain mapping list.

    2. If you want to create a new domain mapping CR, type the domain name into the box, and select the Create option. For example, if you type in example.com, the Create option is Create "example.com".

  4. Click Save to save the changes to your service.

  1. Navigate to the Topology page.

  2. Click on the service that you have created.

  3. In the Resources tab of the service information window, you can see the domain you have mapped to the service listed under Domain mappings.