The kube-rbac-proxy component provides internal authentication and authorization capabilities for Knative Serving.

Configuring kube-rbac-proxy resources for Serving

You can globally override resource allocation for the kube-rbac-proxy container by using the OpenShift Serverless Operator CR.

You can also override resource allocation for a specific deployment.

The following configuration sets Knative Serving kube-rbac-proxy minimum and maximum CPU and memory allocation:

KnativeServing CR example
apiVersion: operator.knative.dev/v1beta1
kind: KnativeServing
  name: knative-serving
  namespace: knative-serving
      "kube-rbac-proxy-cpu-request": "10m" (1)
      "kube-rbac-proxy-memory-request": "20Mi" (2)
      "kube-rbac-proxy-cpu-limit": "100m" (3)
      "kube-rbac-proxy-memory-limit": "100Mi" (4)
1 Sets minimum CPU allocation.
2 Sets minimum RAM allocation.
3 Sets maximum CPU allocation.
4 Sets maximum RAM allocation.