Clusters with restrictive network policies

If you are using a cluster that multiple users have access to, your cluster might use network policies to control which pods, services, and namespaces can communicate with each other over the network. If your cluster uses restrictive network policies, it is possible that Knative system pods are not able to access your Knative application. For example, if your namespace has the following network policy, which denies all requests, Knative system pods cannot access your Knative application:

Example NetworkPolicy object that denies all requests to the namespace
kind: NetworkPolicy
apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
  name: deny-by-default
  namespace: example-namespace
  ingress: []

Enabling communication with Knative applications on a cluster with restrictive network policies

To allow access to your applications from Knative system pods, you must add a label to each of the Knative system namespaces, and then create a NetworkPolicy object in your application namespace that allows access to the namespace for other namespaces that have this label.

A network policy that denies requests to non-Knative services on your cluster still prevents access to these services. However, by allowing access from Knative system namespaces to your Knative application, you are allowing access to your Knative application from all namespaces in the cluster.

If you do not want to allow access to your Knative application from all namespaces on the cluster, you might want to use JSON Web Token authentication for Knative services instead. JSON Web Token authentication for Knative services requires Service Mesh.

  • Install the OpenShift CLI (oc).

  • OpenShift Serverless Operator and Knative Serving are installed on your cluster.

  1. Add the knative.openshift.io/system-namespace=true label to each Knative system namespace that requires access to your application:

    1. Label the knative-serving namespace:

      $ oc label namespace knative-serving knative.openshift.io/system-namespace=true
    2. Label the knative-serving-ingress namespace:

      $ oc label namespace knative-serving-ingress knative.openshift.io/system-namespace=true
    3. Label the knative-eventing namespace:

      $ oc label namespace knative-eventing knative.openshift.io/system-namespace=true
    4. Label the knative-kafka namespace:

      $ oc label namespace knative-kafka knative.openshift.io/system-namespace=true
  2. Create a NetworkPolicy object in your application namespace to allow access from namespaces with the knative.openshift.io/system-namespace label:

    Example NetworkPolicy object
    apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
    kind: NetworkPolicy
      name: <network_policy_name> (1)
      namespace: <namespace> (2)
      - from:
        - namespaceSelector:
              knative.openshift.io/system-namespace: "true"
      podSelector: {}
      - Ingress
    1 Provide a name for your network policy.
    2 The namespace where your application exists.