You can override the default configurations for some specific deployments by modifying the workloads spec in the KnativeServing custom resources (CRs).

Overriding system deployment configurations

Currently, overriding default configuration settings is supported for the resources, replicas, labels, annotations, and nodeSelector fields, as well as for the readiness and liveness fields for probes.

In the following example, a KnativeServing CR overrides the webhook deployment so that:

  • The readiness probe timeout for net-kourier-controller is set to be 10 seconds.

  • The deployment has specified CPU and memory resource limits.

  • The deployment has 3 replicas.

  • The example-label: label label is added.

  • The example-annotation: annotation annotation is added.

  • The nodeSelector field is set to select nodes with the disktype: hdd label.

The KnativeServing CR label and annotation settings override the deployment’s labels and annotations for both the deployment itself and the resulting pods.

KnativeServing CR example
apiVersion: operator.knative.dev/v1beta1
kind: KnativeServing
  name: ks
  namespace: knative-serving
    replicas: 2
  - name: net-kourier-controller
    readinessProbes: (1)
      - container: controller
        timeoutSeconds: 10
  - name: webhook
    - container: webhook
        cpu: 300m
        memory: 60Mi
        cpu: 1000m
        memory: 1000Mi
    replicas: 3
      example-label: label
      example-annotation: annotation
      disktype: hdd
1 You can use the readiness and liveness probe overrides to override all fields of a probe in a container of a deployment as specified in the Kubernetes API except for the fields related to the probe handler: exec, grpc, httpGet, and tcpSocket.