Data volume (DV) annotations allow you to manage pod behavior. You can add one or more annotations to a data volume, which then propagates to the created importer pods.

Example: Data volume annotations

This example shows how you can configure data volume (DV) annotations to control which network the importer pod uses. The v1.multus-cni.io/default-network: bridge-network annotation causes the pod to use the multus network named bridge-network as its default network. If you want the importer pod to use both the default network from the cluster and the secondary multus network, use the k8s.v1.cni.cncf.io/networks: <network_name> annotation.

Multus network annotation example
apiVersion: cdi.kubevirt.io/v1beta1
kind: DataVolume
  name: datavolume-example
    v1.multus-cni.io/default-network: bridge-network (1)
# ...
1 Multus network annotation