The operator-sdk CLI can generate, or scaffold, a number of packages and files for each Operator project.

The Red Hat-supported version of the Operator SDK CLI tool, including the related scaffolding and testing tools for Operator projects, is deprecated and is planned to be removed in a future release of OpenShift Dedicated. Red Hat will provide bug fixes and support for this feature during the current release lifecycle, but this feature will no longer receive enhancements and will be removed from future OpenShift Dedicated releases.

The Red Hat-supported version of the Operator SDK is not recommended for creating new Operator projects. Operator authors with existing Operator projects can use the version of the Operator SDK CLI tool released with OpenShift Dedicated to maintain their projects and create Operator releases targeting newer versions of OpenShift Dedicated.

The following related base images for Operator projects are not deprecated. The runtime functionality and configuration APIs for these base images are still supported for bug fixes and for addressing CVEs.

  • The base image for Ansible-based Operator projects

  • The base image for Helm-based Operator projects

For information about the unsupported, community-maintained, version of the Operator SDK, see Operator SDK (Operator Framework).

Helm-based project layout

Helm-based Operator projects generated using the operator-sdk init --plugins helm command contain the following directories and files:

File/folders Purpose


Kustomize manifests for deploying the Operator on a Kubernetes cluster.


Helm chart initialized with the operator-sdk create api command.


Used to build the Operator image with the make docker-build command.


Group/version/kind (GVK) and Helm chart location.


Targets used to manage the project.


YAML file containing metadata information for the Operator.