Insights repeatedly analyzes the data Insights Operator sends. Users of OpenShift Dedicated can display the report on the Insights tab of each cluster in OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM).

Displaying potential issues with your cluster

This section describes how to display the Insights report in the OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM).

Note that Insights repeatedly analyzes your cluster and shows the latest results. These results can change, for example, if you fix an issue or a new issue has been detected.

  1. Click the Clusters menu in the left pane.

  2. Click the cluster’s name to display the details of the cluster.

  3. Open the Insights tab of the cluster.

    Depending on the result, the tab displays one of the following:

    • Your cluster passed all health checks, if Insights did not identify any issues.

    • A list of issues Insights has detected, prioritized by risk (low, moderate, important, and critical).

    • No health checks to display, if Insights has not yet analyzed the cluster. The analysis starts shortly after the cluster has been installed and connected to the internet.

  4. If any issues are displayed on the tab, click the > icon in front of the entry for further details.

    Depending on the issue, the details can also contain a link to an Red Hat Knowledge Base article. For details and information on how to solve the problem, click How to remediate this issue.

Displaying the Insights status in the web console

Insights repeatedly analyzes your cluster and you can display the status of identified potential issues of your cluster in the OpenShift Dedicated web console. This status shows the number of issues in the different categories and, for further details, links to the reports in the OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM).

  • Your cluster is registered in the OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM).

  • Remote health reporting is enabled, which is the default.

  • You are logged in to the OpenShift Dedicated web console.

  1. Navigate to HomeOverview in the OpenShift Dedicated web console.

  2. Click Insights on the Status card.

    The pop-up window lists potential issues grouped by priority. Click the individual categories or View all in OpenShift Dedicated to display further details.