You can add services to your existing OpenShift Dedicated cluster using the Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager console.

Red Hat OpenShift API Management

The Red Hat OpenShift API Management (OpenShift API Management) service is available as an add-on to your OpenShift Dedicated on AWS cluster. OpenShift API Management is a managed API traffic control and API program management solution. It is based on the 3scale API Management platform and implements single sign-on for Red Hat solutions to secure and protect your APIs.

This OpenShift API Management entitlement provides:

  • Availability to any cluster that meets the resource requirements listed in the OpenShift Dedicated service definition.

  • Full production-level support.

  • No time limits on usage.

  • 100K quota, or calls per day. Customers have the option to pay for an OpenShift API Management subscription with higher quotas.