Resolving denial for access to resources

If your request for access to resources is denied:


A build fails with:

requested access to the resource is denied

You have exceeded one of the image quotas set on your project. Check your current quota and verify the limits applied and storage in use:

$ oc describe quota

Service certificate generation failure

If your request for access to resources is denied:


If a service certificate generation fails with (service’s service.beta.openshift.io/serving-cert-generation-error annotation contains):

Example output
secret/ssl-key references serviceUID 62ad25ca-d703-11e6-9d6f-0e9c0057b608, which does not match 77b6dd80-d716-11e6-9d6f-0e9c0057b60

The service that generated the certificate no longer exists, or has a different serviceUID. You must force certificates regeneration by removing the old secret, and clearing the following annotations on the service: service.beta.openshift.io/serving-cert-generation-error and service.beta.openshift.io/serving-cert-generation-error-num:

$ oc delete secret <secret_name>
$ oc annotate service <service_name> service.beta.openshift.io/serving-cert-generation-error-
$ oc annotate service <service_name> service.beta.openshift.io/serving-cert-generation-error-num-

The command removing annotation has a - after the annotation name to be removed.