For an overview of OpenShift Serverless functionality, see Understanding OpenShift Serverless.

Getting support

If you experience difficulty with a procedure described in this documentation, visit the Customer Portal to learn more about support for Technology Preview features.

Release Notes for Red Hat OpenShift Serverless Technology Preview 1.0.0

New features

This release of OpenShift Serverless introduces the OpenShift Serverless Operator, which supports Knative Serving 0.7.1 and is tested for OpenShift Service Mesh 1.0.

Known issues

The following limitations exist in OpenShift Serverless at this time:

  • The Knative Serving Operator should wait for ServiceMeshMemberRoll to include the knative-serving namespace. The installation procedure recommends creating the knative-serving namespace and then installing the operator. Istio does not consider the knative-serving namespace to be in the ServiceMeshMemberRoll when the Knative Serving Pods are being created. Consequently, the sidecars are not injected.

  • Knative service returns a 503 status code when the cluster is running for a long time. The Knative Serving Pods do not show any errors. Restarting the istio-pilot Pod temporarily fixes the issue.

  • The gRPC and HTTP2 do not work against routes. This is a known limitation of OpenShift routes.