Provisioning template applications

The following procedure provisions an example PostgreSQL template application that was made available by the Template Service Broker.

  • The service catalog is installed.

  • The Template Service Broker is installed.

  1. Create a project.

    1. Navigate in the web console to HomeProjects and click Create Project.

    2. Enter test-postgresql in the Name field and click Create.

  2. Create a service instance.

    1. Navigate to the CatalogDeveloper Catalog page.

    2. Select the PostgreSQL (Ephemeral) template application and click Create Service Instance.

    3. Review the default selections and set any other required fields, and click Create.

    4. Go to CatalogProvisioned Services and verify that the postgresql-ephemeral service instance is created and has a status of Ready.

      You can check the progress on the HomeEvents page. After a few moments, you should see an event for postgresql-ephemeral with the message "The instance was provisioned successfully".

  3. Create a service binding.

    1. From the Provisioned Services page, click postgresql-ephemeral and click Create Service Binding.

    2. Review the default service binding name and click Create.

      This creates a new secret for binding using the name provided.

  4. Review the secret that was created.

    1. Navigate to WorkloadsSecrets and verify that a secret named postgresql-ephemeral was created.

    2. Click postgresql-ephemeral and review the key-value pairs in the Data section, which are used for binding to other apps.