Scaling a MachineSet manually

If you must add or remove an instance of a machine in a MachineSet, you can manually scale the MachineSet.

  • Install an OpenShift Container Platform cluster and the oc command line.

  • Log into oc as a user with cluster-admin permission.

    1. View the MachineSets that are in the cluster:

      $ oc get machinesets -n openshift-machine-api

      The MachineSets are listed in the form of <clusterid>-worker-<aws-region-az>.

    2. Scale the MachineSet:

      $ oc scale --replicas=2 machineset <machineset> -n openshift-machine-api


      $ oc edit machineset <machineset> -n openshift-machine-api

      You can scale the MachineSet up or down. It takes several minutes for the new machines to be available.

      By default, the OpenShift Container Platform router pods are deployed on workers. Because the router is required to access some cluster resources, including the web console, do not scale the worker MachineSet to 1 or 0 unless you first relocate the router pods.