A quickstart is a basic example of an application running on OpenShift Enterprise. Quickstarts come in a variety of languages and frameworks, and are defined in a template, which is constructed from a set of services, build configurations, and deployment configurations. This template references the necessary images and source repositories to build and deploy the application.

To explore a quickstart, create an application from a template. Your administrator may have already installed these templates in your OpenShift Enterprise cluster, in which case you can simply select it from the web console. See the template documentation for more information on how to upload, create from, and modify a template.

Quickstarts refer to a source repository that contains the application source code. To customize the quickstart, fork the repository and, when creating an application from the template, substitute the default source repository name with your forked repository. This results in builds that are performed using your source code instead of the provided example source. You can then update the code in your source repository and launch a new build to see the changes reflected in the deployed application.

Web Framework Quickstart Templates

These quickstarts provide a basic application of the indicated framework and language: