OpenShift Enterprise relies on run-once pods to perform tasks such as deploying a pod or performing a build. Run-once pods are pods that have a RestartPolicy of Never or OnFailure.

The cluster administrator can use the RunOnceDuration admission control plug-in to force a limit on the time that those run-once pods can be active. Once the time limit expires, the cluster will try to actively terminate those pods. The main reason to have such a limit is to prevent tasks such as builds to run for an excessive amount of time.

Configuring the RunOnceDuration Plug-in

The plug-in configuration should include the default active deadline for run-once pods. This deadline will be enforced globally, but can be superseded on a per-project basis.

          apiVersion: v1
          kind: RunOnceDurationConfig
          activeDeadlineSecondsOverride: 3600 (1)
1 Specify the global default for run-once pods in seconds.

Specifying a Custom Duration per Project

In addition to specifying a global maximum duration for run-once pods, an administrator can add an annotation (openshift.io/active-deadline-seconds-override) to a specific project to override the global default.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Project
    openshift.io/active-deadline-seconds-override: "1000" (1)
1 Overrides the default active deadline seconds for run-once pods to 1000 seconds. Note that the value of the override must be specified in string form.