Mon Jun 19 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change

Build Inputs

Added proxy warning for Jenkins in the Using a Proxy section.

Tue Jun 13 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change

Managing Images

Renamed section to Recommended Tagging Conventions and updated Image Tag Naming Conventions table.

Mon May 15 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change

Environment Variables

Added Ignoring Source Files section.

Wed Apr 12 2017

OpenShift Container Platform 3.5 Initial Release

Affected Topic Description of Change

Application Life Cycle Management → Creating New Applications

Added golang to the Languages Detected by new-app table.

Added information about --param-file and --env-file oc command arguments to the Template Parameters section.

Added information about the pipeline build strategy.

Noted that any BuildConfig objects created as part of oc new-app processing will not be updated with environment variables passed via the --e|--env argument.

Builds → Build Inputs

Clarified when URLs can be used with binary builds.

Added details about the annotation.

Added information about using URLs with oc start-build --from-file and oc start build --from-dir.


Added link to OpenShift Image Streams and Templates library in the Overview section.

Updated the NOTE box about updating template namespace behavior in the Object List section to reflect parameter support.

Added information about --param-file and working with a large number of parameters to the Parameters section.

Managing Images

Added new sections about the Insecure Tag Import Policy and Reference Policy.

Quotas and Limit Ranges

Added a new section on Opaque Integer Resources.


Added information about expiration to the Service Serving Certificate Secrets section.

Cron Jobs

Changed instances of "Scheduled jobs" to "Cron jobs".

Create from URL

New topic on Create from URL, a function that allows you to construct a URL from an image stream, image tag, or template.