You can allow developers to create their own projects. An accessible endpoint exists that will provision a project according to a template. This endpoint is made accessible when a developer creates a new project.

Template for New Projects

The API server automatically provisions projects based on the template that is defined in the projectRequestTemplate parameter of the master-config.yaml file. If the parameter is not defined, the API server creates a default template that creates a project with the requested name, and assigns the requesting user to the "admin" role for that project.

To create your own custom project template:

  1. Start with the current default project template:

    $ oadm create-bootstrap-project-template -o yaml > template.yaml
  2. Modify the template by adding objects or modifying existing objects, then load the template:

    $ oc create -f template.yaml -n default
  3. Modify the master-config.yaml file to reference the loaded template:

      projectRequestTemplate: "default/project-request"

When a project request is submitted, the API substitutes the following parameters into the template:

Parameter Description


The name of the project. Required.


The display name of the project. May be empty.


The description of the project. May be empty.


The username of the requesting user.

Access to the API is granted to developers with the self-provisioner role and the self-provisioners cluster role binding. This role is available to all authenticated developers by default.

Disabling Self-provisioning

Deleting the self-provisioners cluster role binding will deny permissions for self-provisioning any new projects. When disabling self-provisioning, set the projectRequestMessage parameter in the master-config.yaml file instructing developers on how to request a new project. This parameter is a string that will be presented to the developer in the web console and command line when they attempt to self-provision a project. For example:

Contact your system administrator at projectname@example.com to request a project.


To request a new project, fill out the project request form located at