When you are ready to move from a basic installation to production, you must configure your control plane, tracing, and security certificates to meet production requirements.

  • Install and configure Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh.

  • Test your configuration in a staging environment.

Configuring your ServiceMeshControlPlane resource for production

If you have installed a basic ServiceMeshControlPlane resource to test Service Mesh, you must configure it to production specification before you use Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh in production.

You cannot change the metadata.name field of an existing ServiceMeshControlPlane resource. For production deployments, you must customize the default template.

  1. Configure the distributed tracing platform for production.

    1. Edit the ServiceMeshControlPlane resource to use the production deployment strategy, by setting spec.addons.jaeger.install.storage.type to Elasticsearch and specify additional configuration options under install. You can create and configure your Jaeger instance and set spec.addons.jaeger.name to the name of the Jaeger instance.

      Default Jaeger parameters including Elasticsearch
      apiVersion: maistra.io/v2
      kind: ServiceMeshControlPlane
        name: basic
        version: v2.2
          sampling: 100
          type: Jaeger
            name: MyJaeger
                type: Elasticsearch
                enabled: true
            tracing.jaeger.elasticsearch: # only supports resources and image name
                resources: {}
    2. Configure the sampling rate for production. For more information, see the Performance and scalability section.

  2. Ensure your security certificates are production ready by installing security certificates from an external certificate authority. For more information, see the Security section.

  3. Verify the results. Enter the following command to verify that the ServiceMeshControlPlane resource updated properly. In this example, basic is the name of the ServiceMeshControlPlane resource.

    $ oc get smcp basic -o yaml

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