Metering is a deprecated feature. Deprecated functionality is still included in OpenShift Container Platform and continues to be supported; however, it will be removed in a future release of this product and is not recommended for new deployments.

For the most recent list of major functionality that has been deprecated or removed within OpenShift Container Platform, refer to the Deprecated and removed features section of the OpenShift Container Platform release notes.

The MeteringConfig custom resource specifies all the configuration details for your metering installation. When you first install the metering stack, a default MeteringConfig custom resource is generated. Use the examples in the documentation to modify this default file. Keep in mind the following key points:

  • At a minimum, you need to configure persistent storage and configure the Hive metastore.

  • Most default configuration settings work, but larger deployments or highly customized deployments should review all configuration options carefully.

  • Some configuration options can not be modified after installation.

For configuration options that can be modified after installation, make the changes in your MeteringConfig custom resource and reapply the file.