Mon Apr 03 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change


Added more details to the Service Serving Certificate Secrets section.

Quotas and Limit Ranges

Removed "m" as a valid suffix for memory in the Compute Resources section.

Mon Mar 20 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change


Added comment regarding not supporting password protected key files to the Creating Routes section.

Tue Mar 14 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change


Added an example YAML file of a secret that will create four files.

Wed Feb 22 2017

Thu Feb 16 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change


Corrected an example YAML file and added missing steps.

Using Persistent Volumes

Added a new Volume and Claim Pre-binding section

Service Serving Certificate Secrets

Added a note to the Service Serving Certificate Secrets section clarifying the use of the service DNS name.

Getting Traffic into the Cluster

Added more details about Ingress.

Mon Feb 06 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change

Service Serving Certificate Secrets

Removed Tech Preview note from the Service Serving Certificate Secrets section.

Mon Jan 30 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change

Builds → Build Strategy Options

Updated the example Dockerfile path to point to a file, not a directory.

Managing Environment Variables

Removed redundant information and CLI reference material; rearranged sections to match user process.

Wed Jan 25 2017

Affected Topic Description of Change

Builds → Basic Build Operations

Updated a Note box in the Accessing Build Logs section advising that the build defaults for an administrator can be overridden for non-binary builds by passing --build-loglevel to oc start-build.

Wed Jan 18 2017

OpenShift Container Platform 3.4 initial release.

Affected Topic Description of Change


Added a new Bookmarking Page States section, which discusses that OpenShift Container Platform now bookmarks page states, which is helpful in saving label filters.

Application Tutorials → Setting Up a Nexus Mirror for Maven

New topic on setting up a containerized Nexus repository for Maven dependency caching.


Added details about template writing for the best user experience.

Added examples of a template object definition, template description metadata, template object labels, generating a parameter value, setting an explicit value as the default value, and a full template with parameter definitions and references,

Builds → Build Ouput

Added example for custom build image label.

Builds → Build Strategy Options

Added new sections on adding secrets to Source Strategy, Docker Strategy, and Custom Strategy build configurations from the web console.

Builds → Triggering Builds

Added a note box to the Generic Webhooks section explaining that OpenShift Container Platform permits builds to be triggered via the generic webhook even if an invalid request payload is presented.

Builds → Advanced Build Operations

Added the Assigning Builds to Specific Nodes section.

Managing Images

Added a new Tag Naming section reviewing recommended conventions and best practices when naming tags.

Added a new Writing Image Streams for S2I Builders section.

Deployments → Basic Deployment Operations

Updated with new oc rollout commands.

Added a new Adding Secrets to Deployment Configurations from the Web Console section.

Deployments → Kubernetes Deployments Support

New topic detailing Technology Preview support for the new Kubernetes-provided deployments object type.


Added details about stringData for secrets.

Managing Images

Added information about the supports annotation on image streams.