OpenShift Serverless should be upgraded without skipping release versions. This section shows how to resolve problems with upgrading.

Resolving an OpenShift Serverless Operator upgrade failure

You might encounter an error when upgrading OpenShift Serverless Operator, for example, when performing manual uninstalls and reinstalls. If you encounter an error, you must manually reinstall OpenShift Serverless Operator.

  1. Identify the version of OpenShift Serverless Operator that was installed originally by searching in the OpenShift Serverless Release Notes.

    For example, the error message during attempted upgrade might contain the following string:

    The installed KnativeServing version is v1.5.0.

    In this example, the KnativeServing MAJOR.MINOR version is 1.5, which is covered in the release notes for OpenShift Serverless 1.26: OpenShift Serverless now uses Knative Serving 1.5.

  2. Uninstall OpenShift Serverless Operator and all of its install plans.

  3. Manually install the version of OpenShift Serverless Operator that you discovered in the first step. To install, first create a serverless-subscription.yaml file as shown in the following example:

    apiVersion: operators.coreos.com/v1alpha1
    kind: Subscription
      name: serverless-operator
      namespace: openshift-serverless
      channel: stable
      name: serverless-operator
      source: redhat-operators
      sourceNamespace: openshift-marketplace
      installPlanApproval: Manual
      startingCSV: serverless-operator.v1.26.0
  4. Then, install the subscription by running the following command:

    $ oc apply -f serverless-subscription.yaml
  5. Upgrade by manually approving the upgrade install plans as they appear.