With Pipelines as Code, cluster administrators and users with the required privileges can define pipeline templates as part of source code Git repositories. When triggered by a source code push or a pull request for the configured Git repository, Pipelines as Code runs the pipeline and reports the status.

Key features

Pipelines as Code supports the following features:

  • Pull request status and control on the platform hosting the Git repository.

  • GitHub Checks API to set the status of a pipeline run, including rechecks.

  • GitHub pull request and commit events.

  • Pull request actions in comments, such as /retest.

  • Git events filtering and a separate pipeline for each event.

  • Automatic task resolution in OpenShift Pipelines, including local tasks, Tekton Hub, and remote URLs.

  • Retrieval of configurations using GitHub blobs and objects API.

  • Access Control List (ACL) over a GitHub organization or using a Prow style OWNER file.

  • The tkn pac CLI plugin for managing bootstrapping and Pipelines as Code repositories.

  • Support for GitHub App, GitHub Webhook, Bitbucket Server, and Bitbucket Cloud.