Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure access permits Customer Portal Organization Administrators and cluster owners to enable AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users to have federated access to the AWS Management Console for their OpenShift Dedicated cluster.

Enabling AWS access

AWS access can be granted for customer AWS users, and private cluster access can be implemented to suit the needs of your OpenShift Dedicated environment.

Get started with Accessing AWS infrastructure for your OpenShift Dedicated cluster. By creating an AWS user and account and providing that user with access to the OpenShift Dedicated AWS account.

After you have access to the OpenShift Dedicated AWS account, use one or more of the following methods to establish a private connection to your cluster:

  • Configuring AWS VPC peering: Enable VPC peering to route network traffic between two private IP addresses.

  • Configuring AWS VPN: Establish a Virtual Private Network to securely connect your private network to your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

  • Configuring AWS Direct Connect: Configure AWS Direct Connect to establish a dedicated network connection between your private network and an AWS Direct Connect location.

After configuring your cloud infrastructure access, learn more about Configuring a private cluster.