Use the following section for instructions on accessing the registry.

You can access the registry directly to invoke podman commands. This allows you to push images to or pull them from the integrated registry directly using operations like podman push or podman pull. To do so, you must be logged in to the registry using the oc login command. The operations you can perform depend on your user permissions, as described in the following sections.

Accessing registry directly from the cluster

You can access the registry from inside the cluster.


Access the registry from the cluster by using internal routes:

  1. Log in to the container image registry by using your access token:

    $ podman login -u $(oc whoami) -p $(oc whoami -t) $(oc -n openshift-image-registry get route default-route -o jsonpath='{}')

    You should see a message confirming login, such as:

    Login Succeeded!

    You can pass any value for the user name; the token contains all necessary information. Passing a user name that contains colons will result in a login failure.

    Since the Image Registry Operator creates the route, it will likely be similar to default-route-openshift-image-registry.<cluster_name>.

  2. Perform podman pull and podman push operations against your registry:

    You can pull arbitrary images, but if you have the system:registry role added, you can only push images to the registry in your project.

    In the following examples, use:

    Component Value


    oc -n openshift-image-registry get route default-route -o jsonpath='{}'






    omitted (defaults to latest)

    1. Pull an arbitrary image:

      $ podman pull
    2. Tag the new image with the form <registry_url>:<project>/<image>. The project name must appear in this pull specification for OpenShift Dedicated to correctly place and later access the image in the registry:

      $ podman tag $(oc -n openshift-image-registry get route default-route -o jsonpath='{}')/openshift/image

      You must have the system:image-builder role for the specified project, which allows the user to write or push an image. Otherwise, the podman push in the next step will fail. To test, you can create a new project to push the image.

    3. Push the newly-tagged image to your registry:

      $ podman push $(oc -n openshift-image-registry get route default-route -o jsonpath='{}')/openshift/image