As an administrator of an OpenShift Dedicated cluster with Customer Cloud Subscriptions (CCS), you have access to the cluster-admin role. While logged in to an account with the cluster-admin role, users have mostly unrestricted access to control and configure the cluster. There are some configurations that are blocked with webhooks to prevent destablizing the cluster, or because they are managed in OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM) and any in-cluster changes would be overwritten. Usage of the cluster-admin role is subject to the restrictions listed in your Appendix 4 agreement with Red Hat.

Granting the cluster-admin role to users

  • Only the cluster creator or organization administrators have the ability to grant this access.

  1. In OpenShift Cluster Manager, select the cluster you want to assign cluster-admin privileges.

  2. Under the Access Control tab, locate the Cluster Administrative Users section. Click Add user.

  3. After determining an appropriate User ID, select cluster-admin from the Group selection, then click Add user.

    The cluster-admin user creation can take several minutes to complete.

    Existing dedicated-admin users cannot elevate their role to cluster-admin. A new user must be created with the cluster-admin role assigned.