Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes (RHACS) collects anonymized aggregated information about product usage and product configuration. It helps Red Hat understand how everyone uses the product and identify areas to prioritize for improvements. In addition, Red Hat uses this information to improve the user experience.

Information collected by Telemetry

Telemetry does not collect identifying information such as user names, passwords, or the names or addresses of user resources.

Telemetry data collection is enabled by default, except for the installations with the offline mode enabled.

Telemetry collects the following information:

  • API, roxctl CLI, and user interface (UI) features and settings to know how you use Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes (RHACS), which helps prioritize efforts.

  • The time you spend on UI screens to help us improve user experience.

  • The integrations are used to know if there are integrations that you have never used.

  • The number of connected secured clusters and their configurations.

  • Errors you encounter to identify the most common problems.