The Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes (RHACS) dashboard enables you to visually track and analyze key metrics such as risk across your environment, compliance status, and policy violations. The Dashboard view helps you to understand your cloud-native infrastructure, including images, containers, pods, namespaces, clusters, and their configurations.

When you open the RHACS portal for the first time, you might see a blank dashboard. After you deploy Sensor in at least one cluster, the dashboard reflects the status of your environment.

The Dashboard view includes multiple interactive widgets which show a summary of system violations, summary of compliance status, violations by cluster, top risky deployments, and active violations. It also includes other widgets that are automatically generated when you create new policy categories.

System Violations

The System Violations widget (upper-left) shows the number of critical, high, medium, and low severity violations on the Dashboard view. You can select a number on the widget to view details about those violations.


The Compliance widget (upper-right) shows the status of various compliance benchmarks and if their controls are passing or failing.

The Compliance widget show details only after you run a compliance scan.

Violations by Cluster

The Violations by Cluster widget shows a bar chart based on the number of violations in each cluster in different colors based on their severity.

Top Risky Deployments

The Top Risky Deployments widget displays the top five deployments at risk in your containerized environment.

You can select a deployment in this widget to get more details about the issues with that particular deployment. You can also select View All to view risks for all your deployments.

From here, you can select the separate deployments to see the details of the issues found with each particular deployment.

Active Violations by Time

The Active Violations by Time widget shows the scale of number of violations by recent days, with the colors indicating the severity of those violations.

Configurable dashboard widgets

Other widgets visible on the Dashboard view are generated from the policy categories you define and the violations they trigger.